Any one got a axial yeti xl 1/8

Anything to do with Radio Controlled Rock Crawling.
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bentley marshall
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Fri Mar 11, 2016 5:21 pm

Looking for feed back on the yeti XL any problems or upgrades needed ??

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Sun Mar 13, 2016 9:10 am


Do you have one, or are you thinking on it?
RTR or Kit Version?

I can only give my thoughts on the Kit version as that's the way we went.
Good News:
- It's 67 kinds of fun rolled into 1. Anyone can drive it and there's nothing out there quite like it.
- It will go almost anywhere. And at speed.
- Well.....could go on but you get the general idea.
- Really good aftermarket parts available [User DHAWK on ebay, etc]
- Great user support on[Find everything you need to know about the XL on there....both good and bad]

Bad News:
- Comes at a price Charlie Brown....
- Still, anyone whose owned an Axial knows this already

If you want specifics, PM me.

So, up to you.
I say ignore the angel on your left shoulder, and listen to the devil on the one.

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Wed May 25, 2016 12:17 pm

399 at Rc mart boys and girls....had mine for a while, waiting for a rainy day to finish it...LOL where you driving them calvin? I've got a 1/10 crawler as well, been well used and abused by the nephews!

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Wed May 25, 2016 12:29 pm

I have sold a couple of the kit versions and had no bad feedback.
I had a go of one the other day and the thing was rapid on 4 cell, had another go on 6 cell and it was insane!.
Found it very stable for monster truck style kit and was very good with rough terrain and large jumps

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Wed May 25, 2016 7:13 pm

Hi Chris.

That's great news!
How'z your XL build going?
Did you have a looksee on RCCrawler for a few things that need to be looked at on the XL [eg. Front and Rear diffs tend to blow gear sets due to play in diff housings and crap stock bearings]. There are other issues but the diffs will stop you dead[sooner or later].

I'm currently rebuilding mine to fix the bad stuff. Waterproofing it too for those rainy days.
Took it for a test drive[before rebuild] at Sub-Division development in TeAwa Ave[Napier]. It conquered. Until rear driveshaft twisted[Damn....another mod needed].
Best to run the XL on 4s.
Haven't tried it on 6s. Starts disassembling itself from what I've read.

What 1/10 crawler do you have?
Yep, they're[crawlers] a great way to get folks into RC. From all walks of life.
Money pits though.
Finishing up rebuilding an Axial Wraith[Nephews] and SCX10[Nieces].
Take them out to bush walk trails[DOC] and have a great time. We take them for walks 'round the neighbourhood too.

Keen to know how your builds are going.


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Thu May 26, 2016 6:52 am

Hmm interesting, the diffs looked to be the weak point, but the Vanquish housings are expensive and out of stock. I've chosen to amass a few upgrades before final assembly, ie bearings and a small amount of alloy!!
I have read that adding a 6s will deassemble the car in a somewhat quick and destructive manner!

I've got an AX10, which runs bloody well considering the abuse from kids and drunken adults it gets!!
I have a new Jeep shell and some small upgrade bits for that too.

Crawling for all its knockers is quite relaxing and I do enjoy some of the ridiculous challenges at low speed.....having said that the XL will be super cool for extreme rock racing.

Is your XL stock motor wise, I'm tempted to give it the Castle treatment!

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Thu May 26, 2016 6:34 pm

Yep, stock diffs on Xl are rubbish.

Have a look on ebay for the user dhawk.
He has quality alloy parts at great prices.
Including a 2nd version of their front diff housing which was made for the new[ish] spiral gear sets Axial have released for the XL.
User on Youtube[search for "Everyday RC"].
He's done the above and I'm keen to do the same once he reports on his findings.
Checkit:" onclick=";return false;
Damn right on Vanquish housings. They're works of art though.

Have some fastEddie bearings ready to go with the dhawk racing front diff housing[if that works out].

I have a waterproof Hobbywing esc/motor combo(as I have the kit version).

Like the look of the AX10. True Crawler that.

Yep, gotta luv those upgrades[essential...]
Really like how anyone can create something truly unique given a little time and patience.
These guys do amazing stuff[Youtube]:
Extreme Scale Performance-" onclick=";return false;
Harley Designs-" onclick=";return false;
RC Everyday-" onclick=";return false;
GCMracing-" onclick=";return false;

Yeah, don't know why some folks knock the go-slow side of RC.

I, like you, enjoy the relaxing nature of crawling/trailing.
Just plug in a lipo, and drive for hours.
Take the road less travelled.

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Thu Apr 27, 2017 7:48 am

What is the best steering servo for the yeti XL :?: Have been using the savox 1256 but feel I need a servo with a bit more torque.

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Mon May 22, 2017 2:07 pm

Hi Oxy.

There are degrees of improvement that can be done to improve steering on the XL.

* The first, and obvious one, is to upgrade the servo as per your question.
There are several High Voltage servo's from many makes[Hitec, Futaba, Savox] that will do the job.
When looking at servo specs note the voltage inputs with there kg/oz ratings.
You really want to start with a servo at 7.4volts and up. And remember to have an external BEC to provide reliable power to said servo.
You can buy servo bypass BEC's that allow you to run an aux power directly from your battery to the BEC[which your servo plugs into] which in turn plugs into your receiver.

Long winded explaination but check the following link for further info: ... reads.html

* Also want a waterproof servo. There are waterproof models available. Search for reviews on net for independent feedback.
You can waterproof them yourself:

* If your doing the above, you will seriously want to consider upgrading the stock steering bellcrank assembly. Stock one will wilt with an HV servo pushing it around.
You'll want an Aluminium one like the following: ... B01295ZZ3A
HIs stuff is really nice, reliable, and works.
Other makes produce something similar[have a look on AsiaTees].

As always, do your research and I'm sure you'll sort it.

Anyway, hope this helps.

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