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Thu Jun 28, 2018 4:39 pm

Hi there, my name is Darryn and I am an RC-car-aholic.
It has been less than 1 day since I last checked trademe to see if anything interesting has been listed.

I used to race 1/12th scale back in the eighties with my Associated 12i, it was a lot of fun and I met some interesting characters along the way. The car evolved a bit over the years and I have kept it in a box since then, complete with oil filled mono shock front suspension. Wayne Hewitson finally convinced me to try a Schumacher, so I ran a C car for a bit just before I stopped racing.
When I first started we used to race in a carpark at the Royal Oak shops, and we had a rain safe backup venue at a carpark under some shops in Remuera. It all got a bit flash and organised when we moved to the Northern Sports Car Club and I was a bit sad to see that the track fell into disrepair at some point.
I had a crack at off road but only for a short time, probably because I was no good at it. I think there was a track not far from Bill Leckie's shop that I can remember racing my Hot Shot at and also somewhere on the north shore at where I raced a CAT.
When I moved back to NZ we selected Albany so the kids had a good school to attend and it was a huge coincidence that there was a fantastic RC car track a few minutes drive away at North Harbour stadium. I used to go down there to watch the racing from time to time and also to do some laps with my latest Trademe purchase. I did race there once when a friend from the old days came to visit. It was a great track, unfortunately also a great place to build a pool...
I keep my eye on trademe (and ebay when I lived in Aussie) and have bought the odd car over the years just to have a bash with and play with the kids. It was only when a mate sent me a photo showing off his 5 cars that I had to retaliate and realised I have over 40 now. I'm going to thin the collection down a bit at some stage and concentrate on vintage Associated and maybe Schumacher, but we'll see how that goes.
I'm hoping to get back into racing again, and you may see me lurking around the place at the North Harbour race meetings checking out which classes to try.

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Fri Jun 29, 2018 10:27 pm

Welcome to the forum!

I remember buying my first car from Bill Leckies back in the day- a Tamiya Stadium Blitzer. Wish I still had it!
You should definitely come visit the friendly guys at the north harbour races. We run indoors at Henderson and our new outdoor venue at the netball centre on Northcote road on the shore. Check the calendar on here for the dates. Heaps of onroad and a few off-road classes for indoors too. We have a fun no pressure all-comers class which is open to most 10th scale on and off road cars. great if you just want to find your feet again, as I did a couple years ago. A few vintage cars often make an appearance here too! I hope to get my original gold pan Associated RC10 running soon for this class.


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