Waikato Indoor Offroad 2wd Buggy Enduro Challenge -April 2nd

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Sat Apr 02, 2016 6:29 pm

Jeepers, what a day!!!!

Firstly thanks to Andrew Webber, Braedon Clark, Julian Morgan, and Shane Gollop for Track setup last night...took a while but what an awesome track.

Today was wicked, to the Auckland guys thanks for coming down and supporting the event, it was good to have you involved.
Well done to Jordan Burley, Shane Gollop, Scott Brownhill and Jeremy Cassells for winning with H.O.T Racing.
A much deserved 2nd to Underpush Racing and 3rd to the much maligned Ricky Bobby Racing. 1st Losi, 2nd yokomo, 3rd Sworkz!!!!!

So the biggest Buggy race of the year is finished, it was a long day for some but the mechanical reliability was phenomenal I expected breakages but they were very minimal, driving standards were wicked, saved Darryl Maslin the job of dishing out stop go penalties. :)

Now we look forward to the Waikato Champs, followed closely by the NZIOC in Auckland.

Later in the year please pencil in the Nationals and the 6 hour touring enduro.!!!!

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Sun Apr 03, 2016 6:03 pm

I jsut want to say, thank you to the drivers for keeping the driving standards high,
Makes my job a little easier, after 6 hours of racing not a single stop go was dished out.

After 6 hours of racing it came down to the last 90 seconds,
Under push looked to a possible upset, doing a Chaz Mostrert, starting off the back of the grid, after Mangu' s terrible qualifier lap, Team HOT Took pole and lead all but a hand full of laps due to pit stops,, but a miss calculation on the last stop meant they had to make a pit stop in the dying moments of the race, with an average pit stop time of 40 seconds for pit lane transition and battery change, plus each driver taking a couple of laps to get their rhythm back,, it was possible that they maybe heading towards a Whincup' moment, but as it turned out they would take the lead by a mere 4 laps, which is exactly how many shock tower bolts Underpush broke over the course of the day. These two teams, drove incredibly well, and kept it clean. Back in 3rd was Team Ricky Bobby, the car with the least amount of speed, but they just kept their nose clean and banged out laps,

Further back Team FMS and Prosport swapped places all day long, in the end Prosport prevailed and got their 4th position by barely a lap. I think some of the skill for Nathan Tioa is rubbing off on young Logan,, that little fulla can wheel,
I reckon there needs to be an aware for the most durable car, after breaking a suspension arm early on Team Intec car took a massive hammering all day, including deciding about 4 hours in to do its own thing as the transmitter went flat,, and managed to hit every wall in the building, but luckily Shane Gallops Hoof stopped it before it took someones head off,

Underpush B circulated all day long keeping out of trouble and the team with the only female in it (not including Shirley ) put in a impressive drive.

A great event. I enjoyed keeping things ticking over for HRCCC, and for those who are coming to the NZIOC, you will have to put up with my voice for not just 1 day (y) :mrgreen:
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Sun Apr 03, 2016 9:07 pm

Top meeting lads! Good job all round enjoyed how it was run etc.... was stress free and good toy car skids! Underpush guys and gals had a great time.

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Mon Apr 04, 2016 12:37 pm

Thanks Paul at Prosport RC for the drive, had some fun and enjoyed watching Roger fighting his private battle with the inner Nitro Truggy Demon - he got smoother and quicker all day (y)
I found the new L#*i 22 3.0 very forgiving and the reliability of that coupled with the ORCA electrics was fantastic.
Thanks HRCCC and Dmaz for the day, see you fullas at the NZIOC :wink:
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Thu Apr 07, 2016 10:46 am

Now I've had some time to reflect on the day and also give the car a good once over I thought I should right a review.

Racing & Event:
What can I say, everything appeared to run perfectly and exactly to plan. The shootout qualifying idea was awesome and worked really well (probably helped I came out on top). The driver etiquette for the most part was awesome. There was some good hard racing between close teams and anytime there was a bad pass the offending driver would stop and wait. I'd forgotten what long stints were like and after only doing 20min ones, I don't think I could handle an hour nitro final currently haha.
The track:
It was really well designed I felt with enough technicality that it wasn't too boring but easy enough that you could push hard without getting caught out too easily. There were plenty of passing opportunities except when trying to get past S O'Connor who really knows how to hug that pole line!
The car:
6hrs and not a single breakage(and we had Cassels on our team), can't get much more race proven than that.
I've since rebuilt the car and I'm amazed at how little wear there is, 6hrs is more than most cars see on a season! All the oil was still in the diff. No shock leaks and the oil was still clean, no cracks or lose screws even.

All in all it was a brilliant day and I look forward to the next couple of big off-road events including the Waikato champs and of course NZIOC!

I'd like to thank H.O.T for bringing in brilliant gear (TLR 22 3.0, Orca, Savox, Gens Ace, Hitec Lynx 4S)
My team mates who drove brilliantly (Scott, Shane, Jeremy)
HRCCC and Daryl Maslin for the running of the event
All the other competitors who made the event what it was
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