Outdoor onroad points 18th Feb

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Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:40 am

Onroad Outdoor Points 18th February

84 Avalon Drive (Old Car Yard)

First one of the year this is going to be awesome,

Please note; track setup starts by collecting the track from the Waikato Table tennis centre @ 3.30pm, then the quick drive around the corner to blow/sweep the track and build it. I will not be here this week so we will need peoples assistance, we will be painting a track but until then this is a required part of outdoor racing so please help.

Classes for 2018

TT Trucks
21.5 touring (Reds Motor enforced)
Mini (Handout motor as per facebook post)
Super Stock (13.5 Blinky)
Mod Touring
Pro 12
Pro 10

Some of these classes had a real drop off towards the end of 2018, a lot of this is due to weather, so dust off the cars and come on down for a day in the sun.

Gates open 8am, (Followed by a sweep of the track, bring your brooms please. :) )
8.30 Practice Starts
9.30 Registration Closes
9.55am Drivers briefing
10.05am Round 1 Heats start

2 Rounds of heats (Finished by Approx 12.45 – 1pm)
30 – 45 Minutes for lunch if time is going well (No food on site for sale)
1 Round Finals (Started by approx. 1.30pm – Finished by approx. 2.45 – 3pm)

10 heats would be 1 Hour 20 a round.
Finals will be shorter.

Would expect packup would begin at 3pm.

Please Pre-Reg at http://www.hrccc.co.nz if you intend on racing.
If it is raining a call on the weather will be made by 7.00am and posted here, the website and on Facebook.

You will need:
Your own table
Your own power supply if possible (We will have access to some power but don't want to be 100% reliant on it.) If not we will have power so no panic.
Gazebo and weights to hold it if the winds don't play the game

I look forward to having some wicked fun with the Onroad classes. Please follow this post for further updates when they are at hand.

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Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:00 pm

Preg reg seems to have stopped working :(

It will not even let me produce saved cars.

so that is 2 more for mod and mini.

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