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Well peeps,most will be aware by now of the new motor for 21.5 Stock Touring so lets leave that in the past and look towards the new 13.5 Blinky Super Stock class and the current F1 class, why not power these with the proven power of the Team Powers Actinium, the V1 Actinium is the current NZ1 in both Stock Touring and F1 as well as the SI1 in both classes as well, the amount of pull these motors have is phenominal, and now this has just been improved with the introduction of the new Actinium V2 Brushless motor, if you want proven power for Blinky classes at a good price tag then hit me up, I have an order in the process for a small indent stock of these badboys ready for testing before the new seasons racing. The previous V1 is still available in all common winds and is still a true performer with the new V2 upping the game with increased performance here is some info direct from the Team Powers website

Improved features based on Actinium V1.0 motor:

- Come with new type neodymium sintered rotor with stronger magnetic field and improve the fade out problem working at high temperature
- New stator design with better power efficiency and lower the motor temperature
- ~8~10% internal resistance(13.5T~21.5T) lower than the V1 motor with new wiring technique
- New air flow convection system that can lower the temperature by 5~8'C
- New endbell with more timing adjustment


- Design Specification: Based on IFMAR/ROAR/EFRA/BRCA
- Motor Dimensions (Diameter x Length) 35.8mm x 51mm
- Shaft Diameter: 3.17mm
- Magnet Dimensions (Diameter x Length): ~12.5mm x 24mm(3.5turn~9.5turn), ~12.5mm x7.25x 24mm(10.5turn~21.5turn)
- Variable End bell with changing the output power and torque of the motor
- Weight: ~165g (5g lighter than the old version)
- Recommended RC Model Car: 1:10 model car, Buggy, MINI Car
- Available Turns: 4T, 4.5T, 5T, 5.5T, 6.5T, 7.5T, 8.5T, 9.5T, 10.5T, 13.5T, 17.5T, 21.5T

Both Motors are on the ROAR list and the V1 is on the current NZRCA 21.5 list, so what are you waiting for PM for pricing.

I am still also supplying the Team Powers TC Tyres in all available compounds, a great tyre similar to Sorex just a cheaper price tag, I slapped on a new pair of 26R's at the recent south islands and improved my laptimes by 1.5sec on average with no other changes, good grip and good wear and a great price tag :mrgreen: (y)

So get in touch for pricing and enquiries for any Team Powers products
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