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Exciting 2014 Indoor Off-road Championship event news

2014 Indoor Off-road Championship

We have some very exciting hot off the press news regarding an upcoming 2014 New Zealand Indoor Offroad Championship.

North Harbour Radio Controlled Car Club has teamed up with the CRC Speedshow to hold a headlining RC Race meeting. Heaps of spectators are expected (30,000+), this is a great opportunity to get some racing in, and to show case the sport

To be held on 19-20 July 2014

The entire Logan Campbell Centre in Auckland has been booked for it, hosting a 16m x 30m track featuring a Wall Ride, Crossover, Step up, Massive Tabletop and more. Since it is indoors it is an all weather event (great opportunity to scratch that mid-winter racing itch)

Classes to be raced:
-2WD Buggy Open
-2WD Short Course Open
-4WD Buggy Open
-4WD Short Course Open
-Mini Eight
-Mod Truck Open
-Stars of Tomorrow (Junior)

2014 Indoor Off-road Championship Layout

More details to follow soon!

2014 NZ EP Off-road nationals recap

The EP Off-road nationals are done and dusted for another year, with a great turn out of racers and lots of fun had by all. Below is a post-event information blurb.

Amber Kendall has put together this compilation of footage:

Visit her Facebook page for some great photos and subscribe to her Youtube channel for future videos

Discuss this event on the Forum

Placings of the event can be found below. For full results including race times download the Presentation Report or the Meeting Report

1/8 EP Buggy A
Pos Name ID#
1st Mark Bidlake (TQ)
2nd Andrew Webber
3rd Shane OConnor
4th Brett Waudby
5th Angus McLeod
6th Scott Brownhill
7th Shane Gollop
8th Kerry Martin
9th Steve Oyston
10th Matt Whitmarsh
*result dropped

4wd Mod Buggy A
Pos Name ID#
1st Andrew Webber (TQ)
2nd Mark Bidlake
3rd Ian Rickerby
4th Shane OConnor
5th Gavin Davidson
6th Brett Waudby
7th Perry Field
8th Nigel Bish
9th Scott Brownhill
10th Robert Minifie
*result dropped

1/8 EP Truggy A
Pos Name ID#
1st Shane OConnor (TQ)
2nd Scott Brownhill
3rd Pj Jones
4th Matt Hands
5th Nick Moore
6th Dave Workman
7th Chris O'Connor
8th Ross Leonard
9th Paul Millett
10th Ben Le Prou
*result dropped

4WD Short Course A
Pos Name ID#
1st Shane OConnor (TQ)
2nd Matt Whitmarsh
3rd Pj Jones
4th Angus McLeod
5th Nick Moore
6th Gavin Davidson
7th Matt Hands
8th Ross Leonard
9th Pieter Botha
10th Paul Fey
*result dropped

2wd Mod Buggy A
Pos Name ID#
1st Mark Bidlake (TQ)
2nd Andrew Webber
3rd Shane Gollop
4th Perry Field
5th Shane OConnor
6th Angus McLeod
7th Duane Barber
8th Matt Whitmarsh
9th Kevin Gray
10th Ian Rickerby
*result dropped

2wd Mod Truck
Pos Name ID#
1st Robert Minifie (TQ)
2nd Nick Moore
3rd Anton Hubers
4th Wiremu Paipa
5th Paul Fey
6th Ben Le Prou
7th Frazer Tong
8th Jordan Grant
9th Andrew Jujnovich
10th Nick Ward
*result dropped

2WD Short Course A
Pos Name ID#
1st Shane OConnor (TQ)
2nd Angus McLeod
3rd Pieter Botha
4th Anton Hubers
5th Kerry Martin
6th Duane Barber
7th Alan Simpson
8th Stuart Crawford
9th Robert Minifie
10th Jacob Black
*result dropped

1/8 EP Buggy B
Pos Name ID#
1st Pj Jones
2nd Matt Hands
3rd Nigel Bish
4th Robert Minifie
5th Pieter Botha
6th Wiremu Paipa
7th Chris Black
8th Chris O'Connor
9th Paul Millett
10th Russell Mahony
*result dropped

4wd Stock Buggy A
Pos Name ID#
1st Scott Kendall (TQ)
2nd Shane Gollop
3rd Robert Minifie
4th Steve Oyston
5th Matt Hands
6th Sonny Pearce
7th Jeff Shaw
8th Chris Black
9th Ryan Thompson
10th Dewald Botha
*result dropped

2wd Mod Buggy B
Pos Name ID#
1st Brett Waudby
2nd Steve Oyston
3rd Kerry Martin
4th Nigel Bish
5th Alan Simpson
6th Martin Irawan
7th Sonny Pearce
8th Jacob Black
9th David Norden
10th Jordan Grant
*result dropped

2WD Short Course B
Pos Name ID#
1st Kelly Churchill
2nd Russell Mahony
3rd Dewald Botha
4th Nick Ward
5th Dave Workman
6th Drew Barber
7th Peter Chang
8th Dan Watson
9th Nathan Short
10th Ashley Jensen
11th Caleb MacKay
*result dropped

2WD Short Course DNQ
Pos Name ID#
1st Ben Le Prou
2nd Andrew Jujnovich
*result dropped

2wd Stock Buggy
Pos Name ID#
1st Gavin Davidson (TQ)
2nd Dewald Botha
3rd Richard Price
4th Jason Errington
5th Jeff Shaw
6th James Dale
7th Dean Wishnoski
8th Alex Whitmarsh
9th Dan Watson
*result dropped

4wd Mod Buggy B
Pos Name ID#
1st Steve Oyston
2nd Sonny Pearce
3rd Kerry Martin
4th Martin Irawan
5th Wiremu Paipa
6th Ross Leonard
7th Paul Millett
8th Duane Barber
9th Jason Errington
10th Scott Kendall
*result dropped

4WD Short Course B
Pos Name ID#
1st Steve Joblin
2nd Chris O'Connor
3rd Frazer Tong
4th Chris Black
5th Andrew Jujnovich
6th Ben Le Prou
7th Nick Ward
8th Caleb MacKay
*result dropped

1/8 EP Buggy C
Pos Name ID#
1st Jack Harris
2nd Kelly Churchill
3rd Frazer Tong
4th Steve Joblin
5th Brian Short
6th Dean Wishnoski
7th Richard Price
8th Amber Kendall
9th Murray MacDonald
10th Mike Sutton
DNS Andrew Jujnovich
*result dropped

1/8 EP Buggy DNQ
Pos Name ID#
1st Ross Leonard
2nd Merv MacDonald
*result dropped

4wd Stock Buggy B
Pos Name ID#
1st Richard Price
2nd Alex Whitmarsh
3rd James Dale
4th Frazer Tong
5th Merv MacDonald
6th Murray MacDonald
*result dropped

4wd Stock Buggy DNQ
Pos Name ID#
1st Dan Watson
*result dropped

1/8 EP Truggy B
Pos Name ID#
1st Jack Harris
2nd Ryan Thompson
3rd Murray MacDonald
4th Merv MacDonald
*result dropped

2wd Mod Buggy C
Pos Name ID#
1st Richard Price
2nd Paul Fey
3rd Kelly Churchill
4th Frazer Tong
5th Peter Chang
6th Russell Mahony
7th Graham Wildgoose
8th Dean Wishnoski
*result dropped

2wd Mod Buggy DNQ
Pos Name ID#
1st Shay Wildgoose
*result dropped

4wd Mod Buggy C
Pos Name ID#
1st Peter Thompson
2nd David Norden
3rd Richard Price
4th Chris O'Connor
5th Jacob Black
6th Brian Short
7th Jordan Grant
8th Shay Wildgoose
9th Ashley Jensen
10th Graham Wildgoose
11th Pj Jones
*result dropped

2014 IC on-road Nationals Video

Forum user DanceWithMedusa has put together this video from 2014 IC on-road nationals just recently held in Christchurch.

Subscribe to the youtube account here.

Talk about the event in the forums

IC Off-road North Islands

A quick reminder that the IC Off-road North Islands registrations close today (24th Feb 2014), but they are accepting late entries for the next few days.

Go to the website by clicking on their banner below:
2014 IC Off-road North Islands

Counties Radio Control Car Club video

Club member of Counties Radio Control Car Club (and forum user gccarter10) put together a 'first club day' video. Check it out:

Subscribe to their youtube account here.

Talk about the video in the forums here

If you have any videos you want to share, please email us: matt@rcracer.co.nz

Cheers, Matt

VRC 1/8th Nitro date announced

The 1/8th Nitro launch day has officially been dated to 18th December 2013. Based on the large Nitro off-road following in New Zealand I'm sure there are a lot of you that have been waiting for this.

Here is some beta footage:

Source: VRC World

2013 1/8th Scale IC Off Road National Champs highlights reel

Sloane Television were in Nelson covering the 1/8th Scale off-road Nationals and have put together a great compilation of footage, check it out below

Kids In Cars

Want to help out some kids and showcase RC at the same time? Click the image below for more information.
Kids In Cars 2013

RC News NZ

A new Radio Control news related source has popped up called RC News NZ. It covers both local and international news.

From the people behind it:

"This is a Free Social service - no Paying for anything.

We are happy to provide Posts regarding new Product releases or similar.

Any club news, such as results and updates.

For Anyone wanting Anything posted Feel free to Message Us on here or rcnewsnz@outlook.com or Even contact Us on Facebook."

At the moment it is purely run on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/RCnewNZ

Keep your eyes peeled.


A message from the NZRCA Secretary:
Hi Guys
Its time for the NZRCA annual general meeting.
Remits are required to be into me buy the 31th August but you can send them sooner and I will send them to the other clubs.
To be held in Clubrooms called Hanger Six Auckland Airport on Saturday September 21st

There will be a special meeting at 10.30 for the delegates to consider changes to the constitution before the main AGM
this should take 1 hour. The AGM will follow immediately after this meeting

Nominations are invited for the following proposed positions as stated in the discussion paper for the NZRCA Executive


Technical Officer Gas On Road
Technical Officer Gas Off Road
Technical Officer Electric On Road
Technical Officer Electric Off Road
Licence Secretary

Should agreement not be reached on the proposed positions the following nominations are also invited for the existing positions for the NZRCA Executive

Publicity Officer
Technical Officer Electric
Technical Gas Officer
Area 1 Zone Steward (North Of North Island)
Area 2 Zone Steward (South Of North Island)
Area 3 Zone Steward (South Island)
If all of the Executives elected are from the North OR South Island another person from the other is to be elected.

Other actions to be voted
R/C Drifting to be added to the Rule Book
Large Scale R/C to be added to the Rule Book ( Adopt Australian Rules )

Please send nominations for both sets of positions as changes may not be made effective
Please reply if I have left anything out or you have suggestions for consideration

Peter Knight
NZRCA Secretary

Keep up to date in the NZRCA AGM forum thread.

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